Sunday, January 13, 2013

Adventures of city homestead life

We have a raccoon living under our house.  We hear him walking around on the heating ducts each night and none of us want to go down to confront him.  He has never caused trouble.  Not even a big mess in our garden shed, until last week.  Last week during a very nasty wind storm, he decided the broken screen door on our chicken coop was an open invitation for a dinner buffet.  We were heartbroken in the morning, having NEVER had raccoons be an issue to our bitties at all.  We have even had them under the house before and they have just ignored the chickens entirely.  Not this time.  Traumatized by finding two dead and having to put down another due to amazing and gruesome injuries, we have gotten the rude reality that our ‘city coons’ now know exactly what chickens are and they know they are tasty!

This unwelcome guest has to go for good.  We asked our neighbors to use their live trap to catch the little sucker and looked up what was best to bait a trap with.  Each and every site I read said ‘cat food’.  So we hid the trap near the chicken coop and placed some cat food near the back of it. 

This morning we woke up and we had caught something!  But not a raccoon.


Poor Samson!  He was pretty upset.  But wow… we got a good laugh in the wake of our tragedy.

This afternoon when we got home from church we had caught something!  But again, not a raccoon.


Silly birds.  Sigh.  So I think we will have to be a little bit more aggressive and focused. 

As for right now, we have fortified the chicken coop with a light and a LOT of chicken wire.  That should keep the raccoon out of there until we can build the new one next month and keep our remaining birds safe. 



mandi said...

Oh dear! I know this reality all too well. We have lost probably 9 hens over the years to coons. City coons at that! We are pretty good at catching them now. We wrap the trap in something, or put shrubbery around it. Raccoons are so smart! They need trickery! We have used everything from cat food to chicken feed to catch them. One week we caught 6- in 7 days!!!
Good luck!

ps- we have also caught cats, but never chickens! That is hilarious!

Morgan said...

My dad uses table scraps. Good luck. My heart breaks for your chickens. It is so sad to lose them. They quickly become part of the family.

Unknown said...

That is exactly what happened with our have a heart trap experience. We caught a Speckled Sussex, ha! We never did catch the predator. I hope you guys do!

Juliadeer said...

In that first picture on the Homeschooling link under the cute pic of the girl with the Parakeet what kind of flower is that little white-ish blue-ish flower in the short jar?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@Juliadeer - That is a Quuen Annes Lace that we have dyed with food coloring to help show the flow of water through the plants. :) It was a very fun experiment and we made a whole rainbow of flowers. Thanks for stopping by!



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