Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sight Word Activity


Headed back into school after being sick is sometimes hard.  Everyone is used to that lazy recovery mode that you settle into when you are feeling cruddy.  So I decided to bring out my creative strong points (ie: my scissors) and see what I could do to help Logan get past the hump of getting back on track with our school work. 

I simply made a page of egg shapes on Word and added in his Dolch sight word list words that he has been working on.  I threw in a small spatula and a couple plates from the play kitchen for good measure.  I would put two down on the table and he would read one, and then pick it up with his spatula and add it to his plate if he got it right.  If he got it wrong he would add it to my plate and it would go to the bottom of the pile. 

It’s amazing what fun can do to your brain when it is trying to learn something!  At some point, he wanted to use the timer to see how fast he could get through his list.  With in a couple days he was getting through all his sight words in under a minute!  




Aiming4Simple said...

My son, "the eating machine", would love this! Thanks for sharing the idea with us.

Monkee said...

What a fun idea! Sight words always seem to be an issue for young kids starting to read. :)

How did the birthday go? :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@monkee - we had to postpone the party. The poor thing was so sick on his actual birthday we didn't even do cake. He just laid in bed and watched Star Wars. :( But we are all starting to feel much better now. I gotta say though, this flu was a doozy! Absolutely awful! I am still clearly recovering. And I got it 15 days ago!

Thank you for asking. :)


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