Monday, February 4, 2013

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. Logan’s 6th birthday party!

Of course, I had to make Luke and Logan shirts for the birthday party.   This year I chose to do some freezer paper stenciling for our theme shirt.  I made Luke one with a rebel symbol on it and then made Logan three… which included my favorite:
Birthday boy proudly wore his shirt all day until JUST before the party when he wanted to dress as Jengo Fett.  Sigh.  “I guess, you can.  Since it’s YOUR birthday.”  lol…
As much as I wanted to show off the new shirts, I understood and we got all the Star Wars dress up out and put it in the homeschool room with one of the party activities.  Young Jengo Fett was very happy about this compromise.
We had the party in the evening because some of Logan’s friends now attend school during the day.  So I think morning parties are a thing of the past.  This is harder for me in several ways.  The main one being that evening pictures, indoors in Jan, just stink!  All that flash!  So none of these pictures are particularly awesome.  But they do show some of the parties highlights.
First the décor:
This year the décor was mostly simple.  I gathered our Star Wars books and a few toys and figures we had and placed them in a nice arrangement on the mantel, bookshelves, and sidebar. 
I used rocks from the back yard and wire twisted around the rocks to make picture holders and added parts of this set printed on card stock to fill in holes.
If I needed any other fill ins I used Star Wars library books and other figures and posters from our Star Wars collections. 
The food:
The food was all themed around Star Wars puns.  We had a meal of ‘Han-burgers’ and ‘Princess Lays’ with snacks in all kinds of punny fun.  It was a good and healthy meal as I skipped the ‘Hans Rollos’ and other sweet treats in favor of ‘Bow-ba Fett pasta salad’ (bow tie pasta salad) and ‘Obi-wan Kababies’ (fruit kebabs).  The fruit was gone before I even got to take a picture!  They watched one episode of Clone Wars while they ate and then we came together for the favorite activity of the party.  The War of the Clone Balloons.
This was simple, although it was too dark in there to get any decent pictures.  I made light sabers out of used pool noodles (and thank you again for those of my friends that donated to this cause!!!).
Then I got a dozen large white balloons and drew clone helmets on them.  I tied them to water bottles and placed them all over the homeschool room, which we had taken all the large furniture out of.  We had them go in groups of 4 (12 kids total) and they got to beat up the clone troopers! 
IMG_1729      IMG_1730
They thought this was by far and away the best thing ever.  If the success of a party is based on how loud the laughing can get, I think it was hugely successful.  They were laughing and yelling so loud that it made my ears ring at some points. 
After this activity we did the normal birthday party stuff - singing happy birthday, cake and gifts.
I had a VERY happy little man. 
As everyone went home, we handed out the favors.  I had sort of meshed the Clone Wars episode with Return of the Jedi (Ewoks and green landscapes are more my thing.)  So the favors came straight from the Moon of Endor.  Each kid got to go home with a hand made Ewok: 
I made these furry creatures lovingly and each one had it’s own staff/spear and hood.  The kids thought these were just great!  My kids each have one now and Logan slept with his (named Wicket, of course) for the past few days. 
_MG_1737   IMG_1695
The party was lovely.  It wasn’t a very expensive party either.  The most expensive part was the grass fed beef and the stuffed Ewok materials.  It was the perfect mix of dorky brand love and frugal craftiness.
And if I had any doubts as to the success of the party:
Little guest getting his shoes on to leave: “Hey, miss Val?”
Me: “Yes, Justin?”
“I think this was the best party I have EVER been to - ever.” 
Well that about sums it up!  Party success!


Frannie said...

once are a frugal genius!

Krystal~ said...

I <3 you! Your awesome~ Miss you dear friend~ Counting the months till we are back.... 19 1/2 in case you were wondering.

Fresh Eggs Farm said...

Great pictures - I love your blog, such great ideas. With the freezer paper stencil shirt - do you just use fabric paint? Do you find that it cracks or anything, or does it withstand washing pretty well?

Morgan said...

Ahhhhhh! I am in love!!!!! You are the coolest mom ever!!!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks you guys! It was super fun. :)



PS Krystal, I so miss you! (((hug)))

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@Fresh Farm Eggs - Yes, I just use regular puff paint. It does not crack or anything with washing. It ends up as a simistiff screen printing. And seriously, I will be doing it a TON. It's so easy!


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