Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Luke’s 2nd Birthday party - The Hungry Caterpillar


My sweet baby turned two on Friday!  Can you believe it??  He seems so little and yet, so big!  He has developed lots of new traits lately that include placing his hands on both sides of my face while I am singing and saying things like “Mama - dats enough.”  lol…  such a sweet little turkey. 


His birthday gave me cause for another party.   His baby shower and first birthday turned out so good that I continued the book theme with The Hungry Caterpillar for his big number two!



I found an idea on Pinterest (of course!) and decided to do something similar for his invitations.


For baby birthdays I really try to invite very few people.  Especially for those children who are easily overwhelmed (this means ‘anyone that is not Logan’ in my house).  So Luke’s second birthday included 4 invited guests, only three of which were healthy on the day of the party.  It made for a fun, and yet not overwhelming evening with some sweet toddlers. 

I set out a basket of sturdy cars and the marble run.  All of the toddlers who walked through the door, including a few siblings, were attracted to the marble run immediately.  Marbles were the secret theme of the party. 


They played with that more than anything else!


Then came the food.  I simply put out fruits from the book (even splurging for 3 plums) and cut them up.



Of course, the not so healthy stuff had to be there too.


And the remedy to the stomach ache was represented in the form of a spinach pesto pasta salad.


Baby approved!

Next up was more marble fun.  Marble painting! 


Mini smocks and Tupperware tubs were employed along with a rough drawing I copied from the book of the beautiful butterfly at the end.




The cake was a lemon/butter cake with a layer of lime that was colored with spinach juice so that it had a green hue to it.  I covered it in butter frosting and put a beeswax candle on top:


He LOVED people singing happy birthday to him.  He has watched as Logan had his birthday last month, and then mine two weeks ago and now it was his turn!  He was well versed in how to blow out the candle and did it twice as we were singing.  lol…  By the end his sweet face was reflecting all the love in the room.


The favors were cookies I had made in the shape of an apple and a caterpillar. 


The treat in the cookies was the frosting!  I used cherry juice instead of milk for the royal icing and it turned the frosting this lovely dark scarlet red.  The green was the same technique except with spinach juice instead of cherry.  Both set just as they should and were beautiful together!


It was such a dear and sweet party and Luke had so much fun.  Thank you to all who came over to celebrate with us!




Brittany said...

I stumbled across your blog a year or so ago and have followed it since. It is so refreshing to read and inspiring. You may know of this company, but I had to share in case not: Out of Print Clothing sales shirts for kids with classic/famous/favorite books covers printed on the t-shirts. They are so cute, and my oldest girl who is a bookwork loves them. Anyway, they now how a Hungry Caterpillar t-shirt for kids and a canvas tote bag. Also, a book is sent to Africa for each purchase made. They aren't organic cotton, but, sign, maybe someday...:) Just thought I'd share in case your little one might want a shirt to match his party!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thank you for the link! I just pinned a shirt for me and several for the kids. :) My sweet little book worm would just love that hungry caterpillar one!

Thanks for stopping by!



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