Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bubble obsession

Every day.  He wakes up and wants bubbles.  He asks for them before he wants food, or a new diaper, or well… anything.  All my kids have gone through obsessive phases.  I am guessing it comes with being one of my kids.  But this one is impressive.  He literally carries one or another set of bubbles around all day long.  We have had an impressively small amount of spills for how often he has one in his arms.  And on top of that, he can catch a bubble ON the wand after he has blown it!  Amazing!


The youngest of our cats, Max, follows Luke around as he is blowing bubbles and will smack them out of the air.  Luke finds this hysterical and will gladly blow bubbles for the cats benefit.  In fact, he thinks that cats can blow bubbles, too and spent yesterday following Taio (our 16 year old, 22lb cat) around with a bubble on his bubble wand saying "You bow on it? You bow on it? Bow on it, kitty!"


When the cat politely declined (by turning his head away and folding up his ears) Luke decided that he needed to be decorated in bubbles.  So the poor old cat got to endure a toddler standing VERY close to him, blowing bubbles on his fur.


Seriously.  All the time.  Every day.


Crazy boy! It is looking good if a crazy bubble obsession and a language explosion is all we have noticed so far for his “terrible twos”.  No fits or new exhibitioner habits to speak of.


He is quite a delightful toddler. Smile



Cat J B said...

Aw, that is the cutest thing ever!

The Cranky said...

At 51 years old I'M still obsessed with blowing bubbles, why shouldn't a wee cutie like your little guy be? lol

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