Saturday, March 23, 2013

Seedlings in egg shells

A few years ago I did a ‘crafts in egg shell’ series on my homescooling blog.  We used egg shells to make egg shaped candles, filled eggs with tiny fairy treats and covered them with beautiful tissue paper, and we figured out how to dye eggs with natural dyes.  But my favorite project that came out of that spring was the egg shell garden.


We placed a small amount of seedling soil in each egg shell, tucked in some seeds, and sprayed it lightly with a spray bottle every couple of days.


When they were getting too big for the windowsill, we cracked the bottom of the egg shell and tucked these babies into the garden!


Due to the nature of many of these herbs, I have never had to plant them again!  Many are just starting to come up from it’s winter sleep and the leaves are tiny and very potent.   We ate some of the oregano in spaghetti sauce a couple of weeks ago.  The chives have since split into three clumps and are about a foot tall right now.  We had them in stroganoff just last night! 

It would be a beautiful way to treat someone to their own Easter herb garden!


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Cat said...

I LOVE this idea! I just started gardening...and let's just say my book knowledge of plants far exceeds my practical knowledge. In fact, any living plant shakes in fear when I step into the room. But this eggshell idea sounds like something I can work with. Love your blog, by the way!

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