Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spontaneous Gratitude for an Emerging Spring

I’m worn out.  So many changes have been made in the last few months.  I am finding it hard to blog much because I don’t have a lot of good to say.  It’s not that there isn’t good.  It’s all just so much WORK.  I’m just worn.  This year started out hard and hasn’t gotten a whole lot easier as these three months have gone by.  I can tell you that my husband getting into a bad car accident and Alex getting in trouble at his brand new school were not things I was planning on dealing with.  Thankfully, both of those turned out ok, and aside from some scars, Don is going to be just fine.

It’s time to try to see the world around me without seeing the dark and scary everywhere I turn.  I have lost some of my ability to see the beauty in the little things.  Getting it back will require work.  Sometimes I just don’t know how much effort I have left in me.  I am desperate for some reminders that Spring comes… that the year begins anew and that summer will be here.  Warmth, lots of time outside, fresh garden food… even just the thought of these things cheers me up a little.  So I spent last week doing little things that make me happy around the house.  Spring cleaning projects mostly.  Making everything fresh and new.  It’s not a huge thing… but it’s a start.  And for any start, I am grateful.

I am eternally grateful for…


For things I have in my garage that I can turn into a beautiful spring wreath for the door in 15 minutes or less.


For at least one day where we were able to go outside without a coat and do our school work in the sunshine.


New Hellebores!  (I never knew how lovely these flowers were.  They were free from a neighbor of a friend.  I am stunned!  I love them.)


For crocus.  Because their happy faces make my face happy.


I hope you all are having a beautiful March!


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