Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What happens to a police car when it hits a pole

My husband got into an accident two weeks ago today.  He is doing just fine and is back at work this week, and aside from cracked rib or two and a couple head scars he won’t have any lasting damage.  His car?  Not so much.



They were on their way to an officer involved shooting call.  They were going fast, and they were in the rain.  They tried to go around a car that didn’t yield to the right.  They spun around, and hit a telephone pole, breaking it off.  They were taken to the hospital and it was found that both had rib issues, and Don had head lacerations from his rifle rack that sits between and behind the seats. 

They were also VERY lucky.

His car is completely totaled.  These pictures don’t even do the damage justice.  The whole back end of the car, including the wheels and axel, are shoved to one side.  The whole backside of the car is displaced. 

His head will never look the same.


But it is healing.  He is doing well.  Back at work and getting those good razzings that come along with a high-stress profession.  Because in the end, those hard comments mean you are still alive and they care about you. 

It’s another day where I am very happy my husband is alive.



The Cranky said...

Oh goodness, so glad he and his partner weren't hurt worse!

Mama Goose said...

So glad it wasn't any worse. Get well soon!

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