Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter

Our Easter celebration was a beautiful one this year!  We spent much of the weekend in the sunshine.  On Saturday it was 64* and Sunday got up to 70*!  It was STUNNING!

IMG_4217  IMG_4229

On Good Friday we got our new shed - part of the new yard renovations which I will post on later - and while waiting, we dyed eggs with natural dyes and spent a lot of time playing The Wild Seed Game, an educational board game. 


The Wild Seed Game is a wonderful game where you learn all sorts of facts about plants and pollination as you play!  Homeschooling at it’s funnest. 

IMG_4278  IMG_4277

On Saturday we spent the day at the church Egg Party.  The kids all had their own section to go to so I was very glad Don was able to be there with me.  We had bounce houses, pancake breakfast and a HUGE selection of eggs to ‘hunt’. 

IMG_4279  IMG_4276

I spent much of my time in the parking lot, protecting a sweet mama duck who has decided to nest in a parking lot island.  It is usually pretty quiet, but not that day!  Poor thing was scared to death. 


A few other moms and I took turns protecting her spot and after things were winding down, someone put cones and caution tape around her nest so she wouldn’t be stepped on by leaving kids.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the service, but as we were sitting there, Don started to feel very sick.  We ended up leaving and Don got the stomach flu and spent the rest of the day in bed.  All our plans canceled, the kids and I spent the afternoon out in the back yard soaking up the sun.  We will try to get together with family again next week. 


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