Thursday, October 24, 2013

Homeschool Days - warming things up a bit in the school room

Fall always calls for a little bit of rearranging and redecorating.  This year, with the big kids already in the thick of the school year, it was about incorporating Luke into the school room.

I wanted to bring in the natural elements that I love so much and then keep the function that we have enjoyed without making the room seem too bland. 


This space is for Luke and me.  He enjoys lots of time rearranging the doll house and getting his quiet toys out to play while I am doing my work at the table.


I added a new chalkboard to the school room by using command strips.  This gave me a larger space to do my chalkboard work examples and I have been having a blast with lessons that can be illustrated in beautiful ways.


This was part of Cyan’s lesson on healthy fat and liquid measurements. 


I also use it for our copywork and other examples for our lessons.  I like to keep it pretty


When we light our candle at the start of the school day, the kids are ready to start with story time and art, then we move on to the other parts of the day and in this beautiful space they can really enjoy learning.  All in all, the arranged space is working wonderfully! 


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Wimsey Productions said...

Love your blog and awesome study room! I'm a homeschool grad and remember the love and thought my mom put into making our school space cozy and beautiful. It's important!

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