Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013 at the Rose Homestead

In the Rose household we have been learning about the ‘wild west’ and the pioneer days for about 5 years now.  No joke.  My daughter (below) is obsessed with the Little House series in all forms.  She knows the books by heart and we own the pilot and the first 4 seasons of the show which we watch in darker seasons of the year (like Nov). 
To go along with this obsession, Logan wanted to be in character.  So he picked a sheriff from long ago, and I added the mustache… instant Wyatt Earp. 
Then there are those outfits that just evolve…  this one evolved from this cute coon skin cap.
It worked out like this… “I have a coon skin cap, the other two are going as ‘frontier characters’, I think Luke knows the Davy Crocket song… therefore, he has to be Davy Crocket!”  Leaps in parenting genius are born under such trains of thought. 
Luke had a wonderful time his first ever trick-or-treating trip, even if it was just up and down two blocks and (as always) we got tons of candy that we do not need.
Alex stayed home and handed out candy as a psycho rockstar… he had a great time changing costumes between ‘customers’. 
All in all, it was a great time!

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