Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Luke’s Circus Birthday Party!

My baby is 3. I can’t believe it.  Logan was this age when I found out I was having Luke.  That will not be happening again.  But thinking back to that seems close.  Almost too close.  Like we took a jump in there somewhere and I missed something.

That being said, I love having a toddler so much more than a baby.  He is an incredible person and I am so happy to be seeing more and more of that person as he gets older. 


This year, his birthday party had to be pushed back due to a funeral that was on his real birthday.  But to be honest, he barely registered that it was late, and couldn’t have cared less.  I cared, I felt it intensely as I mourned a dear cousin and didn’t even get to see my baby.  I felt robbed.  On many levels.  But knowing that he barely noticed really brings home that these seasons pass and kids are resilient. 


I threw this party together in three days.  I used things I owned and then borrowed the rest.  It came in under budget by a lot… and I am glad, because I ended up needing it.  lol!


For the three days we prepared for his party, Luke was obsessed with everything ‘zebra’.   I bought a cake mix that looked like it had zebra stripes and he was a goner!  That cake mix came everywhere with us all day long.  Even to the library. 


This cake mix seemed simple enough.  Just follow the directions and you had a beautiful cake that looked like zebra stripes when you cut it. 

Yeah.  Not so much.

The stripes didn’t adhere correctly and so when I took the cakes out of the pans for frosting (and hour before the party) the cake fell apart in big rounds. 

But not even that detered me!  I can fix that with frosting, right?? 

Yeah.  Then my frosting curddled. 

It was now t-minus 50 minutes from having 4 families come over for dinner and I didn’t have a cake. 

My husband, in a moment of genius, decided that we were going to Safeway.  He saved the day.


It was genius.  And I had plenty in the budget to cover it and a few more circus cookies while we were there.  We were home in plenty of time for guests to show up and the table still looked great.




Most of the kids I invited were also 3 year olds.  So instead of setting up games or anything complicated, I just printed out circus animal coloring pages and read circus books from the library.  They were completely content.


Happy birthday little buddy!  We sure do love you a lot!



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