Sunday, April 13, 2014

The results are in! SPRING FAIR



The day started out clear and beautiful but COLD.


The boys had Second Saturday breakfast at our church so Cyan and I went out to breakfast and then picked them up to head to the fair.  I thought we would bolt to the Creative Kids section to see which ribbons the kids got, but instead, we wandered all over the place.  I think I was way more ready to see them than the kids were!




When we finally got to their section, we were amazed to find that Cyan had gotten a Grand Champion ribbon for her impressive two layer cake!  I love that they saw her hard work and honored it.  It makes me feel wonderful as a mom to watch her get so invested and then have that rewarded.


Logan also got a ribbon.  His first year in the fair!


  After that we went and saw the baby animals and got an elephant ear to split.  It was a wonderful day!


On our way out, this wonderful Celtic band came marching by to send us off.  What a fun day!



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