Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent list 2014

And here it is!  What we do for school electives all December.  Our advent activities are the most serious of traditions.  My kids wait for this moment for weeks and honestly I do too!  We have a ton of family filled fun each year and as the years pass I realize more and more how fast all of this time with my family goes.  My oldest is 18 this year and although he is still living at home, he graduates this year and is planning on going into the military.  I have made this list especially set up so that he can do things with us (his girlfriend too, when possible). 

I hope everyone takes the time to set up a crafty, fun-filled, family tradition like this!  These are memories that we will take with us for a lifetime.

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Links where applicable to give the most inspiration possible!

Nov 30th: Advent Sunday (today) set up Advent Sunday candle wreath with the first of the 4 Sundays.

  1. Christmas Movie & Caramel Popcorn
  2. Peg Doll Nativity Calendar
  3. Giant Paper Snowflakes
  4. Special Chocolate
  5. Journey to Bethlehem
  6. Breakfast with Santa (gingerbread party evening)
  7. St Nicholas Day Camp Out in the School Room
  8. Get Tree with Daddy
  9. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
  10. Clothes Pin Stars
  11. Paper Chains
  12. Waldorf Paper Stars
  13. St Lucia Day! (Baking bread)
  14. Paradosi Ballet doing “Commissioned”
  15. Fantasy Lights
  16. Twig Winter Lanterns
  17. Special Chocolate
  18. Gifts for the Birds
  19. Chocolate Dipping Day!
  20. Make Cookies for Neighbors
  21. Dreidel with friends (Hanukkah)
  22. Lets go find some snow!
  23. Seeing Scuba Santa at the Zoo
  24. Christmas Movies with the family
  25. Open Your Stocking!

That’s it!  We are looking at a fun-filled month!

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