Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Once again, my best friend is having a birthday.  And the day after that, it’s my turn.  It’s been almost a decade now that we have been best friends.  Our children have grown up together.  We have gone on journeys together, had babies together, and at now entering homeschooled high-school together.  I can imagine being little old ladies together… sitting on a porch somewhere (while our husbands play video games inside) sipping on sangria made with fruit I grew and wine she brought…..  talking about the good old days when we had 5 littles and got stuck at a pot-smoking worm farm one day.

2014-12-13 001

She still challenges me, holds me up, and is my super hero on occasions where there is a chance I would eat my own young.


Happy Birthday, dearest!  So happy to be your friend!


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