Thursday, June 4, 2015

One leaving the nest


This sweet and tiny nest fell out of our huge fir tree a couple of weeks ago. It had no eggs in it, so I'm assuming the birds were fledged and gone. It was so perfect I brought it inside and set it on my shelf near my rainbow books. With one of my kids about to 'leave the nest' I wonder if the nest I have built for him is sturdy enough to survive after he is gone. Will he be able to carry it with him into his new life and continue all the lessons I have set, painstakingly string by string wrapped around his young life? Will each piece be able to hold him until he doesn't need them any more, setting them aside when he's truly ready to be done with them? All I can do is hope.

2015-06-10 005

My fledgling has been stuck to me like glue lately. He actually took the picture of the first nest and the next day, he brought me the robin’s nest on this shelf. He's really almost done with highschool. Grades being finished and nothing but make-up between him and graduation. It's sinking in that he's leaving, for him and for me and he's starting to stay close to me when he's home. Hovering like he has always done when unsure of something. He's hugged me many times. He even helped me pull weeds today when my back allowed me to have a moment of peace and I was out in the garden. Talking about everything and nothing. I hope it remains like this till August. Good things for us both to remember and focus on.


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