Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kitchen Reveal–DIY Light and Bright Kitchen Remodel

I love my new kitchen!!  This kitchen has magically transformed (over the past two years) into something that I look at from the doorway and I sigh.  My kitchen has always been overwhelming wood tones.  The walls were mustard yellow, the cabinets were deep oak, and the floor was wooden parquet flooring, and the appliances were dark chocolate brown of the 1960’s.   It was dark dark dark!

So now lets show some before and afters… because I know everybody loves those.

After an oven fire one day, I pulled this stove (below) out to find charred wood and a space that no oven after 1970 would fit.  So instead of trying to fit a newer model into this same tiny space, I took a circular saw to the cabinets.  Definitely the ‘road less taken’ but in the end, the payoff was huge!  It did start a game of ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ proportions and lasted a full two years, but just check out the difference:


After removing stove and upper cabinet, cutting out space for range, building upper matching shelving unit, countertops and backsplash….



Here is the view as you walk into the house from the front door:


And after removing the soffit, replacing the hardware, floating and then tiling floor, replacing the faucet, painting cabinets, putting in countertops, replacing windowsill with shelving, and tiling backsplash:


Isn’t it amazing how much brighter it is??? 

The last step for this space, is the light above the sink.  I do not delve into electrical lightly… so this may take a while to replace, but I have some ideas….  Which style do you like better?

2015-09-08 013    2015-09-08 010
2015-09-08 011    2015-09-08 012

The pantry space is the biggest change:


And after:

2015-09-08 019

Nope, this isn’t a joke.  I built a pantry in my house.  Then the same person who built the shelves next to the range built me a drawer for the garbage cans and a matching upper cabinet for my mugs.  (Glorious things, mugs.  I have far too many.  If you notice, 7 months later they have spilled over onto the counter)  I also placed counter top here and tiled the back to create uniformity. 

View from the dining room.  With the bar removed, it gives us about a foot more space in the dining room AND a drawer that we had NO idea was there before we took the counter tops off.  It was deep under the bar area!  So bonus!  I just put a handle on it a viola!  We had another huge drawer.


To be honest, this isn’t the current view from our dining room.  Here’s the true, right now, unedited view from the dining room. 

2015-08-13 038

We are buried in tomatoes and squash!

A couple of details:





To be quite honest, I had no idea that my kitchen was owl themed until I was taking these pictures!  Isn’t it funny how themes emerge when you collect your favorite stuff for a room?  Even though it’s a bit much with the owls (and the nest in the Nicki Mclure picture?  How cheesy!), I still love it!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour!  I’ll be bringing up more details soon, like the interior of the pantry organization, the details of why I hate grout, at a later time!  Thanks for stopping by!



Morgan said...

Amazing!!!!! This looks like a kitchen I would want to spend all my time in.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thank you, @Morgan! I'm really enjoying it. :)

Unknown said...

I enjoyed this tour very much, mainly because it shows how much of a difference a change in color can bring. The kitchen feels a lot more inviting as a result compared to before, which is kind of overbearing to the senses. At least with the lighter color, you get to clear out your mind too while you’re in there. You aren't distracted by the mess of furnish that just hits you like a wall. This should make you more efficient in the kitchen, whether you’re cooking, or just simply planning out your meal. Cheers!

Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions

Unknown said...

A bright kitchen simply seems more inviting than one that is designed with wood and dark colors. Adding white tiles and white appliances can make a significant difference, and it doesn't take a long time to complete if you start in one area of the room and work your way around.

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

Unknown said...

I love your new kitchen. Like you said, there is so much more light now. The cabinets and light blue walls make your kitchen look open and friendly. It's a completely new environment. It must have taken a lot of work to remodel your kitchen and I really can't believe that you did it all on your own. If I ever wanted to remodel my kitchen I'd probably hire someone.

Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders

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Radio Box said...

OMG..!! It's beautiful. I'm in love with this kitchen.
Blogger at Radio Box

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