Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

Get ready for some weird science!
Hold your petri dishes and test tubes, because we are headed into some crazy science!
I put up a giant periodic table poster as a back drop and made all kinds of science inspired treats.  Blood cells in a beaker, atom pops (rice crispy treats made out of Crunch Berries), jello petri dishes, and a full-on make-your-own formula drink station!

Activities were hard to photograph as most of them happened in a very dark room but they had fun playing with glow in the dark sand, glow sticks, and black lights.
After lunch we made own own desserts out of giant gum drops and tooth picks making them into molecules.
In the next room we had periodic table battleship printed out so the kids could play as they digested their lunch.  
Then we got to go outside and blow stuff up!  It was just diet coke and mentos, but after the rest of the party, the kids were so excited that it didn't matter if they had seen it before, this science was awesome!

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