Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Handcrafted egg shaped candles

These adorable little candles are the perfect addition to the Easter table this year.  They can be part of a holiday table centerpiece or tucked into Easter baskets as gifts, but either way, these cuties are bound to find their way into your spring celebrations!

I have been making these for years.  I love them.  I got most of the materials for this project at Amazon, but I have seen all of these products at my local craft store.  Minus the beautiful eggshells, of course.  Those were all donated by my beautiful backyard flock.


1. Gather your materials and melt the wax in the double boiler.  

2. Place something under the egg carton just to save your counters.  You can use a brown paper bag or a few paper towels or whatever you have on hand but don't skip this step.  It really does save you a whole lot of clean up.

3. Place the clean, dry eggshells into the egg carton.  Drip a small amount of the melted wax into the eggshell.  Just a tiny bit.  This is to cover the hole at the bottom so you can fill it with out it all coming out the bottom.  Generally a bit does come out anyway but much less than if you don't plug the hole at the bottom of the eggshell.

4. Add the wick to the eggs.  Don't worry if it's not in the center.  The eggshell will help hold it up.  Funnel the hot wax CAREFULLY into the eggshells until you can see it at the top.

5. Allow them to cool naturally for 24 hours.  Then crack the shells and gently peel them off.  The wax underneath should be smooth and perfectly shaped like a boiled egg!

Important Notes: I found my double boiler at Goodwill in a stroke of luck, but a thick measuring cup and a small pot of water also works well.

I tend to clean out my eggs with the large hole at the top of the egg and the smaller 'blowhole' at the bottom.  That way, when you put the small amount of wax in to close it up before pouring the rest, it doesn't take much and the candle egg is upright when it's finished.

I didn't use any essential oils in this batch of egg candles because I knew they would be in the center of my Easter brunch table.  Strong smells and food don't mix.  But I have used Clarey Sage, Lavender, and oil blend mixes in these candles before and highly recommend the scents with the soy and beeswax!  The warm lavender beeswax smell was just lovely!

Happy Crafting!


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