Friday, April 8, 2016

Funny for Friday! You might be a whole foodie if....

You might be a whole foodie if...

You wake up each morning and decide what grain to make into flour for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner)

If you have ever soaked almonds for two days, peeled them, used a stick blender to blend them into vegan almond whipped cream... only to have your kids hear the ice-cream truck and ditch your healthy treat for yellow #5.

If you have ever had to explain what the tails on sprouted wheat look like.

If you don't have room for your sough dough bread because your sprouts are in the fridge phase.

If you panic a little because someone in the house throws compostable items in the trash.

If you don't own a microwave.

If you get bummed when you have to buy eggs at the store.

If your Vita-mix gets washed twice a day.

If you have ever used fresh-made spinach juice to color deserts.

If 'gluten free is the way to be', unless of course, you grind your own organic grains.

If you have ever had to turn down a kombucha scoby or water kiefer grains because you have sourdough on your counter and you have heard those bacteria 'don't get along'.

If your children know the texture of jicama and spurulena.

If you are constantly explaining what is in everything, like these homegrown-pumpkin-spelt-flour-muffins-with-fair-trade-chocolate-chunks I just made.

If you have a specific place in your kitchen where you kneed the bread.

And if you understood all of this (and a bit of it even made you laugh), you might be a whole foodie.

What would you add?  

Happy Friday, Folks!

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