Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016-2017 Interviews

It is now a tradition in our house where I interview the kids on the first day of the school year.  I make up some cocoa and a treat and we sit down and I take pictures and ask them questions.  The questions are similar every year because I love to look back on their answers and how they have changed and grown. 
Cyan - Age 15

Color- Orange, but burnt orange, like sunset orange.
Animal - Dogs and red pandas.  I love red pandas.  They're SO cute!
Food - Potatoes
Season - Late spring.  (Dad "You said 'summer' wrong.  Cyan "No.  Summer is too hot." Dad laughs.)

What do you want to learn this year?
I really want to learn a skill.  Like dancing or something like that.  I like learning stuff about anatomy and aspects of stuff like that. I'm kinda excited about learning to sew and stuff.  I've sewn before, and tried to knit before, but I never really got good at it and this year I'll have to so I'm kinda excited about that.
I really want to learn to draw Anime really well.
I would like to ride a horse.  Learning to ride a horse again would be really fun!

Logan - Age 9

Color - Red
Food - Pizza
Animal - Cobra, because I like how they have venom
Season - Winter - because, snowmobiles.

What do you want to learn this year?
I want to learn about cameras and taking pictures.  I want to learn how to draw better and some cooking.  I want to cook cakes and desserts.  I never actually done it.  I'm always the taste-tester or the mixer, never done the whole thing myself.  I want to keep learning about BB guns because I am getting a lot better.
I want to learn more about Neptune.  It's a strange planet.  Did you know there is a planet that could have life on it  We will get there at 2030 or something.  and then we will see if there is life there or not.

Luke - age 5

Color - Green and golden, because golden is the prettiest color of all and sometimes golden is a kind of jewel.
Animal - Porcupine.  They have quills all over them.
Season - Spring.  I like planting the plants.  There is lots of green.  I like summer too. 
Food - Quesadillas.  Chicken sandwiches with giant round chicken and salad inside them.
What do you want to learn this year?
Caterpillars.  Remember that I saw a kinda worm that lays eggs and carries them around?  That's the one I want to learn about.  They lay blue eggs.  I want to learn about porcupines.  They are my favorite animal.
Do you want to learn about reading and words?
No.  I want to learn about porcupines.  and I think I want to learn about Frog-snakes.  Frog-snakes do eat frogs but they can blow a bubble in their throats but the snake blows a throat bubble that is bigger and it swallows the frogs.
And my favorite food is cookies...

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