Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Owls, Herons, and Seals, oh my!

This day was a photographers dream!  The day started with a very early orthodontics appointment for the daughter so when I walked out of the house and saw this sight I couldn't help but run back in the house and grab my camera.
and then we walked out of the orthodontic appointment and at the next exit we saw this!  Because I was driving, I asked my husband to take a picture instead: 
With this much luck, and no rain, I decided to take the day off of school and head to the Nature Preserve and spend the school day there.  It was a great choice!
Everyone in the family saw the photographic opportunities.  All the cameras in the house came along with us.  The kids are getting really good at photography and I am loving teaching them how to photograph nature.
It was so fun to share one of my passions with them and watch them just love it!
Later, when we got home, we followed that up with our other passion, drawing and studying what we saw!
Our very favorite moment of the trip was the ability to get close to this adorable Saw-Whet Owl.  We didn't disturb him, but we got to get close enough to get amazing pictures.  Since we had never been this close to an owl before, we decided that this was our subject for our drawings.
Logan's drawing (age 10):
Cyan's drawing (age 16):
Luke (age 6) didn't want to draw the Saw-Whet Owl, he wanted to draw the playing Harbor Seal we saw that were hanging out and eating the last of the Chum Salmon in the Nisqually River.
I thought he did an amazing job!


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