Friday, August 3, 2018

Steampunk Mocktail party

This was the most rushed party I have ever put on.  Set in the one day off between three different camps, this party was set up in two days.  In the end, although it was rushed, it was a super fun party and the girls make it all worth it!

My daughter wanted to throw a 'mocktail' party... in other words, she wanted a cocktail party but with no alcohol.  We set it at 7pm, just like any cocktail party, and prepped all kinds of non-alcoholic fun!

The tables were set with gears and globes.  

The bar was decked to the nines with fun things to mix up.

We dipped glasses in gold sugar, found at JoAnn's in the cake decorating section, and froze grapes and blueberries on sticks to imitate the olives in martinis.

The gear inspired donut wall was also a huge hit.  I got the old fashioned cake donuts dipped in chocolate because they look kind of like gears, don't they?


The cake was painted in gold with chocolate ganache and shaved chocolate on top.  I made the cake topper out of gears from the table scatter decor.  I really love how it turned out!

The biggest hit at the party though, was of course the amazing costumes the girls put together to enjoy the evening in!

The guests are always the best part of any of my kids parties.  These kids have been coming to my children's parties for a decade now and they know we go all out, so they do too!  They spend time getting decked to the nines and come ready to enjoy themselves and I just try not to disappoint.  We spent a couple hours playing games, eating food, and creating amazing mixed drinks in their gold-gilded goblets while sharing funny stories of their summer adventures.  These are the best moments.  The moments brought with these beautiful young people, while enjoying an environment of fun and adventure.

It was a fantastic time, celebrating an amazing girl!



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