Friday, November 2, 2018

Halloween 2018 - "One ring to rule them all..."

A friend recently told me that my costumes and photos tell a story.  Being a huge book nerd, this thrilled me, as I love stories and love telling them.  So here is our Halloween Costumes for 2018... Lord of the Rings style.

The Council of Elrond.  Logan was a human, and Luke a hobbit.  They enjoyed playing the part so much that they were in their costumes for days, and we watched all three LOTR movies while we had a bit of time off from school for the celebration of the Halloween holiday.

I made their cloaks out of beautiful anti-pill fleece and Luke's shirt and vest were completely out of linen.  Notice the stitching on the cloaks... that took me hours to do!  It was a preset on my machine and it was perfect touch for the elven cloaks from Lorien.

Logan's outfit was created from a thrifted leather vest for a grown man for my incredibly skinny kiddo.  His fur collar was from the costume section at JoAnn's clearance.  The Leaves of Lorien broaches and ring necklace, I bought from Amazon and they were the perfect touch to the outfits!

My favorite filter for this photo:

When Logan was tiny, maybe 2 months old, he started scowling at us.  And he hasn't really stopped since.  lol!  We started calling him "Little Man" and that stuck until even now.  I call him that daily.  So this picture, as I was editing it, kinda blew my mind.  My sweet boy, looking so grown up!  Very bittersweet!

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Robert said...

Wonderful thank you for sharing. I would love to buy a coat like that? probably be too expensive considering the work you had to put into it.

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