Monday, September 14, 2020

School Interviews 2020-2021

Back to school interviews are still one of my very favorite traditions of the year...

Logan: Age 13, Grade 8th

Clothing size: Men's small shirt, youth 12 pants, shoes 9 1/2

Food: Sushi.  Anything with crab, crawfish, oysters, clams, muscles, etc.  I loved the Boiling Crawfish with the seafood boil and potatoes!  Yum!

Color: Purple

Animal: Ducks

Season: Winter.  Because Christmas Time, I really like going to Mt Rainier and snow and all that stuff.  The world seems calmer when its cold outside.

Music: Good rap, not mumble rapping, that annoys me.  Minecraft parodies which I play to laugh at and annoy my friends, because that is also fun.

What do you want to learn this year?
I would love to learn how to build a computer.  That sounds like a lot of fun.  I'd have to save up like a thousand dollars to do it but then dad and I could build a computer together and that would be fun.  I want to get better at bike riding.  It sounds fun and it's a hobby that takes some muscles.

What are your Boy Scout goals? 
Life Scout.  For sure.  Bunch of Merit Badges towards Eagle.  I'd love to be the youngest Boy Scout to in 216 to get Eagle.  That would be so cool!

Luke: Age 9, grade 4th

Clothing size: Youth med shirts, size 8 pants, shoes 2 1/2

Food: Thin Oreos like at SarahJean's house last night.

Color: Blue-ish purple, I forget what it's called, Periwinkle!  Yes!  That's it.

Animal: Wolf.  Wolves are very smart.  They could even beat a Cheetah.  They have stamina but they don't use it much because they will wait for the animal to tire and slow down and then they go in for the kill.

Season: I am stuck between summer and winter because in summer you can go in the pool but in winter you can build snowmen and stuff but pools are really amazing to me!

Music: Spiderman into the Spiderverse soundtrack.  It hasn't changed.

What do you want to learn this year?
I want to learn a lot about the constellations because I know they are made up of stars but I want to know more of them.  I also want to learn about different places and different countries.  And I hope we discover a new planet soon.  I want to learn about other moons.  I bet they found thousands upon thousands.  Jupiter has like probably 77 or 78.... to learn about new bugs and new animals, and many new things like salamanders or something.


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