Thursday, February 18, 2021

A snowy nature day

Snow makes the most mundane landscapes beautiful, and it makes the beautiful landscapes magical.

We just got the most snow we have gotten for over 2 years. We were joking that we got the entire winter in one weekend. Currently, it’s still snowing!

This sweet little bird was picking bugs off the underside of whatever branches were not frozen.

Could this look any more like Narnia?!

This mama deer was going around the thickets of brush with her two doelings and they were so very sweet.

Baby number one:

Baby number two:

And the snow was so beautiful on all of the maples with their moss and little helicopters.

This spotted Towhee was following its friend from bush to bush, looking to see what he could dug up.

Can you see it?

How about now? 

This young eagle was calling to another eagle.

I would like to say I know what animals are thinking, but often I feel that even the personification of animals falls far short. Their motivations are so different from ours that I doubt we can possibly ever know their thought process. However, if I were to personify this wildlife encounter, I’d say, I just interrupted a fight between a mom and her dirty teenage son and she is giving me the appropriate look:


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