Sunday, January 30, 2022

The end of an era.

His parties were always the biggest and most elaborate. I didn’t realize that this was over. I am in a sort of mourning right now of all the things the pandemic has taken. Which includes my son’s extreme extroverted personality.

He told me last week that he feels more like an ambivert now, he says that big groups now freak him out. That he feels he has to watch everyone and everything and feels responsible for people. Not only that but he has gained a lot of empath qualities because when others do something dumb or feel embarrassed, he feels embarrassed and frustrated, even if they don’t. They don’t care but he takes on all of those feelings for them.

It’s a huge change from last year or two years ago when he couldn’t wait to be the center of attention.

My heart hurts for what this time is doing to our kids. These types of changes in the world really do shape our lives. Just like the Spanish flu, the Great Depression, or any large war - just like that changed history, it also changed the people living through it. There are things that they went through that changed them at a fundamental level. Shifted their thinking and adjusted their personality. It isn’t new. But the things that are taken hurt just the same.

(Logan at parties from past years- medieval plague, Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, mad science, ninjas, super spy, Star Wars, and my favorite party of all time, the Monster Adoption party.)

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