Monday, September 5, 2022

A follow-up on my allergy journey

A follow up on my allergy journey.

It has been 20 weeks and 4 days since I gave up:

Duck eggs
Black beans
Kidney beans
Pinto beans
Whey protein
Black tea

This shift was due to allergy tests after being told I may have an autoimmune disease. Nope. Just turns out I’m allergic to stuff. Which you can read about in my first #roseymugshot post.

20 weeks in and how do I feel?

I feel fricken fantastic. I don’t hardly have any caffeine anymore. And best of all, I haven’t had a migraine in… you guessed it, 20 weeks! Which is so wild.

There are so many more changes but let’s just focus on this one today.

I used to get a migraine once a week or every two weeks. It would cause a weird optical illusion in my eye called “ocular hallucination”. It basically looked like I was looking through water at something very bright. I could see, but not well. And it would precursor a horrific headache if I didn’t head it off. Like one of those migraines that hurt so bad you vomit and end up in bed for a day then the next day you feel as though you are completely hung over, without any of the fun of getting that way. Yeah. Once a month to once a week this would happen to me.


20 weeks and counting.

If you have ever had any thoughts about getting allergy testing done, maybe consider it. Especially if you already live in a bit of pain all the time or have reoccurring pain.

Just check it out.

See where that road takes you.

You have to ask for it, but most willing drs will help you obtain the tests and see if you have anything that is causing a huge amount of inflammation in your body.

It hasn’t easy at first, my body was used to having these things and this level of inflame every day, so the adjustment period wasn’t fun. But after about 8 weeks it started to change my world, and I couldn’t be happier now to have put in the effort. ❤️ ✌️

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