Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Gardening... (with a side of photography)

I love my garden... can I say it again? I LOVE my garden. It fills part of my soul... it makes me happy in a way nothing else can. This time of year (early Aug) I am starting to see the benifits of my labors in a big way. I have already been eating lettuce from the ground to the table for 3 months at least, and then peas, and now zucchini, cucumbers, beans, rasberries, beets, and tomatos are JUST starting... not to mention the flowers that constantly decorate my table! Sunflowers, cosmos, and now daliahs! Oh the beauty!

Lets start with pictures shall we?

Here is my garden plot. I have always wanted a rock border garden ever since I watched "EverAfter" for the first time and fell in love with their beautiful garden spaces. This picture was taken in April when my dh was at academy and I was in the process of making this tiny miricle that has now become a kicking sqirming baby in my belly. lol... I moved all this soil and rocks myself (with a bit of help getting them out of the truck via friends whom my back thanks wholeheartedly) and loved placing each and every rock in its current spot. A few are very special to me.

To the left of this spot is my rasberry bed. I took 25 or so canes from my grandmothers old house after digging them out of blackberry bushes, so most of these are about 40 year old canes. Some are intermixed with canes from my dads house, which are less old, but are great for cross polination for a larger (and double most years) crop. (This picture was also taken in April just after the rasberries got a very harty beating from my son and his friend with the football.)

This picture is from June 24th. Just three short months after I put in the soil and seeds this is what the garden has bloomed into. Beautiful and green. Lush and alive. But little did I know the best was yet to come...


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