Wednesday, August 9, 2006

So now onto the flowers...

I came home from our first camping trip of the year (4th of July) to hundreds of flowers blooming. It was amazing. What was this green garden paradise had all of a sudden turnned into heaven. Complete with blooms the size of my face and tiny ones that are now turning into my tomatos.

This is my tomato bed. There are big beef and cherry romas. Currently the cherries are starting to turn yellow, and the big beefs have at least three that are over a lbs and still completely green. The bushes are completely weighed down. A new way to grow tomatos is needing to be found. My dad uses pig fencing for his. Just a round of pig fence and just lets them go... seems to work well. At least I know these little trellises are not working. lol....

Scarlet Runner beans... these are STILL flowering like this 5 wks later. They are starting now to produce little beans that will be next years seeds like these were from last year.

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