Wednesday, August 9, 2006


I have slowly discovered that you only have one chance to upload photos onto this blog spot and so I must be prepared. Not sure why... that is a question for later, but this is most deffinently frusterating when you upload ONE picture of the sunflowers, plan on uploading more, but can't. It says it is doing it, and then it never does. Grrrrrrrrr...

Anyhow... sunflowers:

This beauty materialized over the weekend I was camping on the 4th of July... I came home and her beautiful face was just at my eye level when I went out to water. Stunning isn't she? The center is nearly scarlet, and it grades out to a nice light yellow on the outer rim. The center is VERY dark brown (almost black) which sets off the color change very nicely. I will be saving some of these seeds. Just beautiful!

This is one of the later yellow sunflowers. These have multiple heads, which is great, but they tend to fall over. Perhaps that is just this year though... It is brand new soil.
Another head on the same plant. Beautiful though. Georgous.

Here is the set above the strawberry bed. This one has much more orange than the first picture does, but the gradiant colors and the super dark center make me think it is a similar variety. They are all now in full bloom. This means that I constantly have them on my tables and for any event (invited to someones house for dinner, house warming etc) I have been cutting many of them and bringing them along as a blessing of bounty. I love sunflowers!


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Laurie said...


Your yard is so beautiful!

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