Thursday, August 17, 2006

How much is a "bushel" of apples anyway?

I felt that I really should know this... so I looked it up:

Here are some approximations to keep in mind when purchasing apples:

* 1 pound apples = 3 medium apples = 2 cups sliced

* 3 pounds apples = 8-9 medium apples = one 9 inch pie

* 1 peck apples = 10-12 pounds = 32 medium apples = 3-4 9-inch pies = 7-9 quarts frozen = 4 quarts canned

* 1 bushel apples = 48 pounds = 126 medium apples = 15 9-inch pies = 30-36 pints frozen = 16-19 quarts canned

So I have approximately 1 BUSHEL of apples in my kitchen, and I gave a "peck" to Sarah yesterday... good to know.


Anonymous said...

A bushel of apples is actually 40lb according to some websites... hard to find the right answer, even with the internet...

MyBellsPalsyBaby said...

@Anonymous, if you do the math according to her chart you see that it can vary that much since a peck is 10-12lbs it can vary from 40-48lbs based on how many apples you can fit into a bushel basket, how much water the apples have in them when weighed. It is not a precise science since you are weighing a product that doesn't have a precise weight for every individual piece.

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Kat_Lyb said...

Federal weight standard for a bushel of apples in the US is 47lbs.

Kat_Lyb said...

Us agricultural standard is 40lbs, I believe.

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Mr Maranatha said...

bushel is a volume scale not weight... A bushel is 1244 in.³
apples and other fruits vary in their weight depending upon moisture content.

for example One cubic foot… 1' x 1' x 1' equals 1728 Cubic inches and would be approximately 28% larger than a bushel.

Mr Maranatha said...

Taking this measurement a little bit further… One bushel is equal to 44.9 pounds if filled with only water... apples do not weigh more than water. They will float in water. So to say a bushel weighs 47 pounds he is definitely in error.

Mr Maranatha said...

OK so where did someone get the idea I have a 47 pound bushel? Well there is an old practice dating back to the Old Testament times.... to give "good measure pressed down and overflowing" Since a bushel basket Is usually overfilled for appearances to make the customer happy.... There is a double standard in the bushel measurement. There is the actual bushel and then there is the expected bushel. LOL chew on that for a little bit

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