Friday, September 15, 2006


Decopauge has been a therapy for the last two winters for me. I found a bunch of blank books at Target on clearance about a year ago, and I have become addicted to decorating them with the views I see in the world. My first project was my Book of Shadows and Dreams, in which I have filed away my musings about the turning of the year, the pagan holidays, and the changes of the seasons. (Along with the sweet thoughts of my children and drawings they make of nature and her blessings) It has been a wonderful release for me and as the fall draws near and it gets colder I have been thinking about more indoor activites and this has come up again. Here are a few I have done in the past;

Some have been gifts, but many have been for me personally. I use recycled calanders and just my eye and imagination. It took so little to get started and I have enjoyed it more than any other hobby so far because it takes next to no money to maintain. I haven't even had to pick up a new bottle of decopauge.

I am thinking that I may make a few more of these for christmas gifts this year.

I also am writing a book for the baby. Called "What I Grew when I was Growing You." In it I will put my best writings, my pictures of the garden, and some other beautiful things I have found along with my birth art and hopefully Don's as well. All of our children have a book like this. In them I place my thoughts from pregnancy all the way through their preschool years in the form of letters to my children. I don't update them often, but when Cyan says something cute, or when Alex does an amazing project, I always add that to the book, along with their best art from their before school years. I just finished Cyan's and am ready to put it together.

Alex and Cyan's are in white binders with their pictures on them... they may soon be looking for new covers. ;)


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Laurie said...

Oh, I love it! I've never done anything like that really. But I do love the simplicity and the low cost. Those are beautiful!

I love the baby book idea! So much more classy thant the typical baby books.

I may have to try that for some Christmas presents this year.

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