Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Domestic Goddess Disaster!

My freezer died. Yep... the big one. Must have died yesterday morning or so... with 16lbs of blueberries in it, 5 lbs of raseberries, 6 loaves of bread, 5 bread dough loaves, 20lbs of tomatos, 10lbs of zucchini, 15lbs of green beans, 4 lbs of roma beans, 2 boxes of icecream bars, a half a pack of costco muffins, 3 organic spinich pizzas, and 3 boxes of organic yogurt squeezes. And that is JUST the stuff I am trying to save! What a blow!

I think the worst was opening it up and having berry juice go all the way down the front and splash all over me, the floor, the wall... what a mess! Then when I went to clear out room in our small freezer for the absolutly necessary stuff (like icecream and the berries and beans that were still mostly frozen) the freezer had dripped down into the bottom so the ENTIRE bottom of the thing was frozen solid. Peaches, pie crusts and all. AAaaaaaaaaaaaagh! So here I am, on my hands and knees with 4 towels, two covered in berry juice (not to mention ME covered in berry juice) with a screw driver and a measuring cup of hot water sitting next to a LAUNDRY basket filled with about half what I needed to fit in that tiny freezer...

It will be amusing one day right?

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Laurie said...


I'm so sorry!

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