Sunday, November 5, 2006

Gentle Psychosis

There are so many moments in pregnancy where you wish pregnancy on every one you meet.

Dh says "Honey, should you be eating so much of that?" Oh yes... *POOF* I wish you 3 mos pregnant.

Ask the kid at the check out to take the groceries out to the car for you, and he looks at you like you are nuts because it is pouring down rain? Oh yeah... buddy, *POOF* I wish you 7 mos pregnant.

Have your dad say "Your gettin' an ass on you girl." Oh yesssssss daddy. *POOF* I wish you 9 mos pregnant.

Have a good day!


simply patti said...


I remember my last pregnancy and my husband looking at me in astonishment. "You never got that huge with the other kids..."

Poof. I wish your dick would fall off...


Val in the Rose Garden said...

LMAO! Yes... I have had that thought too... although with these raging hormones, I think I would miss it. ;)

Brie said...

Maybe you'll be fortunate and when you're two weeks postpartum with hormones from hell your best friend's husband won't call you fat. *sigh* And maybe she won't laugh.

I am not fans of people in general today. An old lady with white hair honked at me today. I was lugging three children, a stroller and a basket full plus she had plenty of room to get past but she got really close to us and honked.
That's compassion for ya.

Val in the Rose Garden said...


my dh said "I would have walked slower" lol...


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