Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pioneer Dress

My daughter and I are throwing a Pioneer Tea Party tomorrow. So of course, she needed new pioneer wear. I made this this morning while she was at Kindergarten and she couldn't be happier.
Peasent style peticoat made with curtian lace (as you go down the fabric it gets heavier with embroidery).

Pentafore made from Navy Muslin and a sweet baby blue calico with pink and blue flowers for the straps and accents.
All went with a pair of boots we found for $3.50 at Old Navy on clearance yesterday ("Just like Mary Ingalls'!").
Now to take a nap. ;)


Laurie said...

So cute!!

Brie said...

How lovely! And good job!!!

So You Think You Can Decorate said...

I just googled "pioneer dress pattern" and stumbled across this! It is amazing! I HAVE to make this for my girls. Would you be willing to share a tutorial or email me with basic instructions? I went and found some patterns that look similar but none of them are "apron-esque" like yours appears to be. thanks!!

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