Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our First Snow

I was hoping it would snow before Little was born
so I could add in the first snow into his book.

I woke up this morning to a blanket of white. And not a quiet gentle one like in stories either. lol... snow is dropping in big wet splotches all over the place, the snow has now turned to rain and it is very noisily melting down the drain pipes all over the house... but it is beautiful.

Just beautiful!

These footprints are my sons. He has very large feet. He wears a size 8 in men's and he is 10. He is not big in any other aspect except his inseam. He isn't even especially tall. I keep wondering if Little has huge feet because with how strong his kicks have always been I know that he does have long legs like his brother.

The snow called to me, I had to go outside today. But I quickly realised that no matter how hot you get 8 mos pregnant in June, it just doesn't keep you warm in November.


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