Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Little Forest of Success

Here are my first ever from seed tomato starts. I have started them from seed right into the garden before, but they are usually too late to actually produce more than a few fruits before the frost hits. So I started some from seed indoors this year to see if I could get a small jump on the season... and it worked! I am not sure why I am finding such thrill in this success... but I am loving watching them pop through the soil. In the neighboring egg carton I planted peppers (which I haven't done from seed before) and pumpkins, which I always do from seed, but I have to plant them at my dads because of lack of space, so I wanted to start them here and get them good and established before I planted them there outdoors. Anyway... gardening is doing good. I have transplanted a bunch of stuff into the garden and am doing more trellised cucumbers and squash. My peas and radishes are popping up all over their shared bed... there are lettuce starts everywhere.

Another garden success this year! My currents are blooming and the reds are already fruiting a bit (early Junes). :) This is really exciting because last year we only got about a cup of fruit. This year I am expecting quite a bit more. YAY!

And what do garden babies do while mama is working?

Nap in the yard anyone?



KnitMoka said...

OOooohhhh what a great idea trellising cukes! I may have to try that at my house. Your garden (and baby) are lovely!

Katie said...

I like your new picture that you have up of yourself. The currents look beautiful, what do you use them for? Your garden baby is adorable! Thank you for gardening inspiration, I am struggling with my pumpkin starts, any advice? Have a wonderful day!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks ladies!

Mostly Katie, we just eat the currents for now. I will eventually dry them for baking (and yes I will add the dreaded sugar, I don't use them otherwize... lol.) Don just took that pic a couple days ago. I thought it was ok... at least better than the other one (although I made that one black and white and it looks better now too. lol!)

Pumpkin starts are pretty strait forward.... what kind of issue are you having?


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh... Before I cropped that picture, you could see the two garden books on the table and the start egg cartons next to it, and then the experimental carrot starts in two mason jars that Alex and I are doing for his Gardening Cub Scout badge. I almost left them... but then only I would really find it funny that I was surrounded by garden experiments... you know? I did find it amuzing as I cropped it through. ;)

Quinn said...

So very exciting about your tomatoes. We buy the starter plants.

I love reading about your garden. Maybe next year we can have one :) We are trying to get moved this year.

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