Sunday, May 6, 2007

Logan's newest homemade teething toy

I have missed sewing while my machine was in the shop. I made this today with all the love I could muster for my sewing friends. A lot of love and giving went into this doll. Made on a gifted sewing machine (named "Baby"), with a premade gifted doll head peice, and gifted organic taupe stripe fabric... even the untreated wooden teething ring was given to us with love from my friends. There was a lot of love in my house today as I worked on this project before our dinner.

I am so grateful.

Katie... when you have your baby, one of these is being passed down to you. :)


Katie said...

Val- you are the best!! I LOVE the doll, you are amazingly creative,id there anything you can't do??? Well... your family is very blessed to have you & I am fortunate to have met you!

Quinn said...

I love this doll. You are so talented.

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