Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It is still dark here now...

Fall is coming. It is pouring rain outside, my gutters are gushing down my walls and the rain is pelting the roof. Everyone is still asleep. Asleep in that boneless way that only a cool summer morning can give you. The cat and I are awake. He demanding food and I demanding solice from the rigor of the day.

I woke this morning, completely awake. At 5 am I found myself laying in bed, wishing I wasn't awake. And then I started listening. It thunderstormed last night. Such a beautifully romantic sound. Too bad I had chosen this day to water the garden. But who would have guessed on this 80* day that we would have had a rain storm tonight, so I am at peace with the waste.

Apples are sitting on my back poarch, waiting for a moment when I am not busy to be made into something for the quiet season. Don started his weekend last night. So glad to have weekends. They are still novel, even 3 months later. They still bring joy with them every week.

The sun is starting to show her face through the grey gloom of the morning. Just a peak, here and there, thinking about showing up to push away the pelting rain.

The change from night to day.

The rain just stopped, the light is here, I can see all the way across the back yard... all of a sudden.

Like a break in a long promise of a cold winter.
Today, this morning, I am at peace.


Katie said...

Sounds like a perfect quiet morning, there is such beauty in the silence of the morning. I am ready for Autumn! Can't wait to see what you will make with the awaiting apples...I already made apple butter, next will be apple spice cake, applesauce, and maybe I will attempt apple pie filling!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh that sounds SO good Katie... I will have to think on Apple things to make. So far in my head all I have are applesauce and apple pie filling... perhaps some apple butter is in order for today. :)

{{{hugs}}} Good morning. ;)


Ter said...

We have a crabapple tree in our back yard. I made 2 double batches of apple muffins, an apple pie and apple tarts. It tastes so good, even though the crabapples are a pain to peel. ;)

Lizz said...

We were blessed with rain here in Oregon too.

Anonymous said...

We are getting a taste of early fall here...Sweater weather last night. It's great!
Lovely, poetic post.

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