Monday, September 3, 2007

Sweet Pea Apron

I bought this apron from Dharma months ago. I had wanted to dye it for Cyan for her art and cooking that she loves to do. Well in honor of her first offical week of homeschool, I appliqued this little sweet pea on it and hand sewed the "Sweet Pea" part at the bottom. I think it turned out cute.

And that note that says "Oven" on my oven... that was our first reading lesson. There are similar notes all over my kitchen and dinning room at the moment.



Katie said...

I love it!!!! What can you not do?
I want one :)
keep the inspriation coming....have a great day Val...

Ter said...

Came across your blog link in another blog. Just wanted to say that your blog is very inspirational. I wish my garden would grow like yours and that I was crafty like you too! :) keep up the good work.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thank you both. :heart:

Terri... welcome. :) I enjoy new friends. I will check out your blog... Enjoy!


Ter said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Val! I'm still relatively new to bloging.

Can you tell me how you get your links to highlight when the cursor goes over them?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

You do a hyperlink. :) On your blogger when you are making the text, highlight the text, and then go up to the thing that looks like a world with two spirals under it (sortof on top of it) and it will pop up a box for a hyperlink. Then you put the link in it, and it will do it for you. Hope that helps! You have a neat blog. :)


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