Monday, September 24, 2007


The kids are SO excited!

...on an aside... look at my daughter in this picture and then the shot of me in the side bar. wow!


Becka said...

Oh my gosh you have an egg! That is the most exciting thing I have heard all day. I would love to have fresh eggs, but alas, I have no chickens.

And I definately see the resemblance between you and your dd.

Lizz said...


We've been getting ours for at least 6 weeks now. Look for those giant double-yolkers as they balance it out and get it right.

You have a lovely fmaily Mama.

simply patti said...

I am glad your feeling better, sweety!

And wow! is right... she looks just like you!

Ter said...

Your daughter is like a clone of you! :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Ladies! I LOVE IT! Cyan found another one today. :) She is SO excited! We are going to wait until we have two more and then make scrambled eggs. :)


Brie said...

Oh I loved finding eggs when I had chickens!!
And wow she looks like her mama!

Dawn D. Lion said...

Awesome! I have chicken envy! ;)

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