Friday, October 19, 2007

Fun Food!

The kids and I have been having fun with Bento lunches lately. It has been so much fun! Cooking cute stuff, having the kids help, making tiny portions, collecting small containers for things, packing lunches for outings, talking about food... a great hobby for us to have. We have made everything from pressed rice shapes, to PB&J cut outs, to these cute quesdillas made with cookie cutters and two kinds of cheese. These are our farm quesidillas. The cow, the cat, (there was a cyote and a dog, but those went to Logan) and of course, the farmgirl that takes care of them all. :)

Perfect after school snack!

And here is Cyan's lunch:

There are usually more fruits and veggies, but it is shopping day. lol... so we will have more healthy stuff tomorrow. As it is, we have a WW butterfly, moon, flower and star with crunchy peanut butter and pretzel sticks with a tiny container of dip. We are looking for new fruits to try for next week. It is great for the kids to be so into food... healthy food at that.

At first I was worried about waste. But between the chickens, worms, and the baby all eating the table scraps, well we haven't had an issue with that at all yet. Just a whole lot of fun!



Brie said...

How fun! I've been thinking about doing bento lunches for a picnic at the park. I love your creativity!!

S said...

oh I LOVE the Bento boxes!!! I've been wanting to get some for awile now. I don't know what the appeal is, but I just LOVE them! Cute little farm girl and animals

Going Crunchy said...

I must admit I havent't a clue what Bento is.....but we do use cookie cutters for the same thing. My guys love "letters" and the little boy one that I have the best. It's fun!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Bento is just a Japanese box that they put their lunches in. It usually has different sections. If you have ever been to a Sushi restruant they have "bento" plates that are sectioned plates with different things in each section. I get them all the time... yum! (I love sushi). There are tons of sites dedicated to bento and making kids lunches (or adult lunches)... There are a couple in my "inspired links" set...


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