More fun with Food...

Here is one of the kids more typical lunches. Although I am experimenting with sandwiches and different varieties there of. This one is a "breadless" sandwich made with salami, chedder and spinach on a skewer. Alex was THRILLED to use the skewers. Who knew that skewers would open up new main dish possibilities. I guese they are "just fun enough". There is a Japanese 100 grain bar (tons of grain and protien in this little bar), and some cut up veggies with a container of Ceasar dressing at the bottom. Yes, that is a Dikon Radish cut into the shape of a flower and carrots cut in the shape of goldfish. Yes, I only packed one flower in Alex's lunch, less he get teesed. I will have to see how that went when he gets home.


Ter said...

Good lunch! I might have to "steal" some ideas from you, now that I have to eat on the road with my job.

Shannon said...

Oohhh.....skewers. I would appeal to my guys. Must steal! Thanks for the tip! Shannon

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