Monday, October 22, 2007

Wind storm and Fall Morning

The same wind storm that blew all of the leaves off Cyan's leaf experiment branch in the back yard knocked down 5 trees in the parking lot of our local Blockbuster. We went to rent a movie just after the windstorm died down (luckily we were not in the area that lost power, so it was movie and popcorn night for us) and this is what we saw everywhere:

Isn't that amazing? What is even more amazing, is that the apples on my neighbor's tree still didn't fall off. So all around the city there are trees broken in half, but the apples still stand firm. Blows my mind.

Cyan and I and our homeschool group went to the pumpking patch, (I am sure I will share pictures of when I get them). The pumpkin she ended up picking is so perfect it's almost unnatural. Perfectly round, perfectly orange, ready for carving this next weekend for Halloween. Isn't that color amazing?

Autumn is so stunning!

Blueberry bush:

Nasturtium leaves with some of the 9 inches of rain we have gotten already this month.

My favorite garden plant, Lemon Verbena. These beautiful little purple flowers are a bonus to the wonderful lemon drop smell they give every time you touch them. They stay until the first frost or so... I try to plan it so I bring them in made into bouquets just before the frost.

My new garden boots and the starts that have planted themselves in my pathway. Crazy me, I am kindof enjoying the messy new start feel of the path.

Cyan raking leaves while Logan watches on, because it is finally dry enough to jump in them! YAY!



Ter said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

S said...


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks... it's such a beautiful time of year!


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