Sunday, November 25, 2007

Inexpensive Decor

I love things that are free (or for the most part) that look like you spent money on them. That is one of my favorite ways to decorate. If you look on decor in my Tag line you will see many cheap, easy, crafty, but totally classy ways to decorate.

This is the reason I love Martha Stewart... although I usually can't afford her ideas, but she has such a great way of thinking of things. You want to celebrate? Well here are 25 different craft ideas for that celebration to make it look like just invested your whole life into this party, when you really didn't. I just love looking through her magazine (I picked up about 20 at a garage sale for $.50 a piece one time and continue to look through them for inspiration even today...) and getting ideas.

Being a simi-crafty person myself, I like to take ideas that out of budget and fit it to us and our family workings. This is one that worked out like that.

All this is, is 20# fishing line, with two punched paper stars glued together to create a 'floating' look. It was easy. I even used a glue stick. lol! But man, the effect, even from inside the house, is very charming, don't you think?

And here is my token picture of one of my babies. This is Cyan, with her new animal love from Ikea (Foxes are the "thing" right now)... the baby is in a sling.

Cyan's quote for that day:

"Come on Mama, every baby deserves a sling!"



Katie said...

What great ideas Val!!! Cyan is so cute with her fox....have a great day & thanks for my daily dose of inspiration!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Katie! How are you doing??

The idea came from an old Martha magazine I saw forever ago, in which she hot glued two glass floral jems (you know, the kind that go in the bottom of a vase of flowers) together over 40# fishing line and hung those. That was a wonderful idea! But not something I could afford at the moment... so I used the stars punched out of card stock. :)


Brie said...

Cyan is so sweet to think of a sling for the baby=)))

Now this idea I might be able to pull off...wonder what punches I still have!

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