Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Birdfeeder

Alex, Cyan and I spent the afternoon making a bird feeder today. It looks so great! Our idea was to make one so the birds would come right up to the window... it has been two days and they still wont eat there (or they haven't found it)... Cyan pushes her stool over every time she thinks of it to see if they have eaten any of the birdseed we put in there.... but alas, they really haven't touched it.

(EDIT: Two weeks later this is still true, not sure what to do about that.)

In other, bird related news, OMGoodness! I have producing chickens. We can't keep up with them. :) We have been giving away eggs for Christmas, and for no good reason after that one was used up... because we have far more from our 6 bitty's than we could ever eat. It has taken me on a fun tour of baking that has put a bit more meat (or not-so-meat) on all our bums. lol...

My plan is to start letting the kids sell these wonderful back yard free range organic chicken eggs for $1 a half dozen. And throw the producing chickens into my garden area to turn it over for me... I think I got the better end of this deal, but I don't think the chickens are minding too much picking bugs out of the dirt all day long, and wow... these are some wonderful eggs!



Brie said...

Gorgeous eggs! Wish I lived close enough to buy some=)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I wish that too. :)

My plan is to ask the lady down the street (she has a double lot) if I can plant tomatoes and strawberries on her land in trade for eggs this year. Wouldn't that be cool? Talk about utilizing my resources. :D It's exciting to think that far outside of the box (having chickens where I am in the first place is pretty out there. I feel like a rebel. Tehehehe...)


Dawn D. Lion said...

Wow, those eggs are so gorgeous!

Brie said...

Oh wow that'd be fantastic! I love finding ways to truly be involved with community/neighbors too. =)

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