Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Sorry, I have been absent for the last week. First off, a couple days after Christmas I got food poisoning. This isn't the first time I have had it, but man, it was the worst. I was so sick that I was ill for days, although the throwing up only lasted about 7 hours (which is a lot when you think the average flu, you only throw up three times, and I threw up closer to 8 and was still heaving after). And from nothing except Arose Con Pollo lunch, at my favorite Mexican restaurant. It is sad, but I don't think I will be able to eat there for quite a while.

But the other reason I have been absent is because we have been getting OUTSIDE! We took a walk at the waterfall park next to us yesterday and spent the rest of the day drawing and talking about it. There were these beautiful Canada Geese that were nesting in for the night about 10 feet from the path and were completely undisturbed by my two kids exclaiming loudly each time one of them moved. I wish I had my camera with me, but alas, I didn't.

Then we had a 9pm New Years Eve party with Cyan and Logan and a bit of sparkling cider. We called Alex (who is on East Coast time and therefore was perfect!) at "midnight" and watched the ball drop from last year (we were 4 minutes late for the live feed) on You Tube. It was a lot of fun.... the kids loved it, and it was only an hour after bedtime. So Don and I loved it too...

Today, I spent the whole of the afternoon being creative with some chicken coop issues. My chickens are happy birds for the most part, but their coop lacked some serious comfort that would make me feel better about having them. Like nesting boxes, a roosting pole, and a floor. I solved all of that with no money... and am terribly proud! We had boxes that they had been avoiding because they were on the ground, and so I took two 10 gallon buckets and flipped them over, then put a board across the top and put the nesting boxes on there. Then I added a 2X2 that I nested into the dog kennel siding securely as I could and put it across the front of the three boxes. Then I took a bale of ceder chips (that we use for their bedding and floor) and I put the whole thing in there and added some to the boxes. I moved their light so it was warming the part where the boxes weren't... so they could sleep if they wanted to while it was on.... and I have a completely comfortable chicken coop. I didn't even have to leave the house. The chickens are enjoying a treat of scraps from making some chicken noodle soup (no, I don't feed them meat) and digging around their new "floor" right now.

Creature comforts are good.

In other news, I have been reading the book Omnivore's Dilemma... wow. What an intense bit of information.


Anonymous said...

I read last night that you'd been sick. Being sick is hands down some of my hardest days because the kids still expect Mommy to do everything I usually do when all I want to do is crawl under the covers and pass out.

I'm jealous that you've been able to get outside. It was 8 degrees this morning when we arose. Chilly day here on the edge of the plains. I think we'll stay in today.

momma said...

Sorry you've been so sick. Nothing worse than being sick to ones stomach.

Love your frugal finds of things to do with the kids and to help your chickens live in comfort. Wonder if I could have a coop in the city? May be to look into that. Eggs are expensive around here.

Dawn D. Lion said...

Hey, I just got that book from the library, gonna start it soon.

I like the 9pm new years idea. We had a party with our playgroup friends who all have toddlers, and they all had ugly meltdowns at 10:30. We'll have to try that next year. ;)

Going Crunchy said...

Feel better! I'm so intrigued by your chickens. I love reading your posts about them. Shannon

Brie said...

I do miss fresh eggs..especially with the price recently doubling here!
Food poisoning...yikes!

Brie said...

Oh also how is your worm box doing??

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Worm box is doing great! I was really surprized to go out there and see my worms all still kicking and going strong to make me composted soil for the garden. I will be able to add it soon, although that will have to be after the bitty's turn the garden over for me. Because I would like to have some of the worms servive the process if they can. ;)

Thanks for the sympathetic comments. It was awful to be that sick. I probably not go back to that place for quite a while. It is so sad though. It is our favorite Mexican place.


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