Monday, February 11, 2008

Bird Feeders

This is just above my kitchen window. In front of it, the kids and I built this birdfeeder to see if we could get any wildlife to come with in studying distance. For a long time, we had no luck what-so-ever. Birds would not come. They would sit in the bushes next to the house and watch it, but never go down and eat. All of a sudden, the sweet little birds are eating there every day. Perhaps they came back to our part of the world from the warmer places, settling in for the times of year they can handle our climate... but I think they were here all along. Just watching us. Wondering if our new feeders were just a trap. Or perhaps if our cat could climb.

These little Chestnut-backed Chickadees have been the most frequent feeders. Coming in family groups, peeping at the top of their tiny voices when I run out of their favorite seed (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds). They will come if I am washing dishes just under the feeder on the other side of the window. They don't care. They have watched long enough to know I can't get them through the glass. The bold little things will watch me, and then pick up their treasured seeds and fly away... quick as lightening. They also love the suet cage I have hanging just a little farther out (sweet corn and sunflower seeds) that I keep full right now, becuase there are just SO many of them.

It has been such a joy to the kids to have them come so close so we can watch them. We have a few kinds, Juncos as well, but mostly the little chickadees are the ones that dine at the Rose Window Cafe'.



Katie said...

How lovely! Chickadees are my favorite :) I need to set something up here, suddenly I am noticing a lot of birds everywhere....

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

We all agree, kids and cats included, that watching birds is FAR better than watching TV. We have several feeders set up and get so much joy from watching. My all time faves are the chickadees and downy woodpeckers. :)

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