Wednesday, February 13, 2008


My first loaf of sucessful bread! I am so proud. There are a few tweeking things I need to do, but this is a lightly sweetened cinnamon loaf. It was really good as french toast this morning. My own bread, my own eggs from my own chickens. There is the true meaning of "make your own breakfast". Now if I just had some fresh fruit to go with it... dreaming of summer today.

And apparently the birds like being photographed. Lol... since I took that picture of the bird in the feeder they have come in droves. These are different than the ones that come to the window feeder. These are Grey-blue Gnatcatchers. You can see one Chickadee to the right trying to get his share. He wasn't there for long.



Growing in the Green said...

Can I please come hang out with you once...please! lol

You are amazing!

Katie said...

Oh YUM!! Thanks a lot, now I have yet another pregnancy food craving!

Maryalene said...

Mmmm....what yummy looking bread! And I can't get over how many birds are on the feeder!

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